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Couples and Engagement Session: $450

- 8 edited digital images of your choice
- 45 minutes of photography
- Up to 1 location change (within 10 miles of original session location)
- Style guide and personal guidance
- Online gallery to view images
- Optional social media sneak peeks

Digital Add On: $50 each

Fell in love with your gallery and want more than what's included in your package? Good news! You may purchase as many as you like from your gallery for just $50 each!
Greg n Mary Engagement 042113_030 16x20Burns Family 030213_070 16x20Tuiaki Family 112021_0057-Edit-Edit 16x20Ramirez Skelly Engagement 091314_035 16x20Tabitha Marlo Engage 012310_040 MBW 5x7Nick N Brittney Eng 062913_214 16x20Cheryll Jay Orion 110511_041 11x14Tuiaki Family 112021_0095-Edit copy 16x20Greg n Mary Engagement 042113_044 16x20 DBWAlicia and Quran 050910_040 5x7Celia_Jason Engage 053109_032 11x14 MBWTabitha Marlo Engage 012310_075 11x14 RCelia_Jason Engage 053109_150 mmm 5x7Celia_Jason Engage 053109_203 5x7 MSGreg n Mary Engagement 042113_072 MHNick N Brittney Eng 062913_021 16x20 DBWTabitha Marlo Engage 012310_163 10x15 GVGreg n Mary Engagement 042113_113 16x20Celia_Jason Engage 053109_255 5x7Tabitha Marlo Engage 012310_113 5x7 MBWeb